HUMANITY ECLIPSE from Sicily joins Goressimo!


Debut after 20 years since the founding of the band? Yes, it is possible if you have coarsened playing along the way in other bands, you have gained experience and you still find in yourself enough enthusiasm and passion to record the right material. Here is the best example of “how music does not know barriers” – it can connect old friends in pursuit of shared musical visions. 8 cannons in the form of uncompromising tracks are already waiting to bite in your ears! Listen to: “Si Vis Tere, Para Bellum” CD.


A Place For Murder and Morsherz supplied Goressimo in 2017.


I am very proud to announce that the two bands have signed with Goressimo this year 2017: Italian A Place For Murder and their long-awaited “Swallowed By The Ocean” album in fast death metal genre and thrash metal Mosherz fro Poland with their debut EP ” Pit Philosophy“.


New releases of Goressimo Records – Summer 2016

Three releases were added to warehouse of Goressimo Records this summer: Greek Aetherian is a representat of melodic death metal. The compositions at “Tales Of Our Times” are characterized by rich arrangement which seamlessly flowing through the speakers. The material was enhanced by earlier recordings in the form of a tasteful bonus. For the first time (hopefully not the last) in Goressimo we got the representat of slamming brutal death metal! New album of Chilean Intestinal Extirpation contains 9 crushing tracks and over 30 minutes of intensive music. The third album is a Split of well-known bands from goregrind scene – 3 Tu Carne songs that come from the live concert – recorded from the soundboard and 8 new tracks of Italian Cannibe. Enjoy !

Aetherian mini INTESTINAL EXTIRPATION mini cannibe-tu-carne-split-2016-sklep


Morass Skoffin – Blindfold

With great pleasure I would like to announce that in cooperation with the German label Rebirth The Metal Productions in March we released the album of Bavarian ‘Morass Skoffin’. The CD contains 25 minutes of classic death metal – the album will be available at Goressimo Shop of 10/03/2016. Feel free to audition promo song in the ‘Releases’ section. Isn’t that tasteful family portrait …? 🙂


Upcoming releases

In October 2015 Goressimo Records proudly presents two polish bands and their stuff on cd’s: Aries Vehemens – ‘Decade Of Necrosodomy’ fill our space by 12 songs of death/black. Next release will be technical death metal with female growl – band Warbell form Jelenia Góra.


New Cannibe album in Juni 2015!

Yeeah, new full-lenght Cannibe album “Beast from Zhytomyr” will be a concept album. Includes 19 tracks of bestial goregrind/noise. Premiere date: 26th of Juni 2015. Don’t miss this cd !