New releases of Goressimo Records – Summer 2016

Three releases were added to warehouse of Goressimo Records this summer: Greek Aetherian is a representat of melodic death metal. The compositions at “Tales Of Our Times” are characterized by rich arrangement which seamlessly flowing through the speakers. The material was enhanced by earlier recordings in the form of a tasteful bonus. For the first time (hopefully not the last) in Goressimo we got the representat of slamming brutal death metal! New album of Chilean Intestinal Extirpation contains 9 crushing tracks and over 30 minutes of intensive music. The third album is a Split of well-known bands from goregrind scene – 3 Tu Carne songs that come from the live concert – recorded from the soundboard and 8 new tracks of Italian Cannibe. Enjoy !

Aetherian mini INTESTINAL EXTIRPATION mini cannibe-tu-carne-split-2016-sklep