Originally the project was formed by Ivan,Dario & Nicola in the summer of 2001 with the name KABHAL and playing a shitty noise/grind. In the year of 2003 the project was stopped and CANNIBE was formed in autumn 2004 by Ivan Loi and Dario Caredda. At the end of 2008 the band become stable with the new member Franco Fois (guitar & drum machine)but In June of 2010 Andreas enter in the band remplacing Franco.

Line up: Ivan Loi – gargling of fecal pus, Andreas Eder – butcher knives and machine bone. Facebook:



Airlines Of Terror were founded by guitarist/vocalist Demian Cristiani in 2006 in Rome, Italy.  They started as an experimental/noise/grind act. By 2010 they had drifted towards extreme metal with the release of the debut album “Blood Line Express” when bassist Paolo Rossi (Fleshgod Apocalypse) and drummer Giuseppe Orlando (The Foreshadowing/ex-Novembre) joined the band. As Paolo Rossi had to focus on his primary band AOT recruited bassist Emanuele Calvelli and additional guitarist Fabrizio Agabiti. In 2014, with this line up they started to record their second album “Terror From The Air” which is out on June the 25th 2015 on Polish label Goressimo Records. Contact:



“ARIES VEHEMENS AV was createted in Nowy Targ (Podhale) in year 2002. First squad: Zombie(bass), Mops(drums), Dymion(guitar), Darkness(screaming) On very begining AV was playing Black Metal but squad changes put us to Black/Death and at the end we play classic Death Metal. From begining of our band trying to be very active on stage, thou there was a lot personal changes in band. In 2010 only Zombie left on guard and AV stop its activity. At the end of 2012 Zombie found new members for band and AV is back to life! With new band squad Zombie(bass, vocal) ,Jermon(growl),Blackness(guitar) and Nocturn(guitar) we record our first album „Decade of Necrosodomy” in 2013, the album was issued on MC in 2014 by Putrid Cult. September 2015 Goressimo Records gonna release “Decade..” on CD. Now band working on second album.
Aries squad: Zombie (bass, vocal) Jermon(growl) Blackness(guitar) Nocturn(guitar)” Contact:



Line up (from L to R):






HUMANITY ECLIPSE was born in May 1997 from an idea of the singer RICCARDO SQUILLACI and ALFONZETTI brothers, MAX (guitar) and DAVIDE (bass).
In the summer of same year unite them the drummer SALVATORE M. TESTA and GIUSEPPE VIRGILLITO on lead guitar.

In September 1998 the band record a demo tape, called THE KILLER TAPE. The Killer Tape came released in limited edition (only 1000 copies sold-out at once).
In March 1999 Humanity Eclipse enter at Tower Hill Studio for recording their first Demo-Mcd SOMETHING IS REALLY HARD under the guide of Luigi Scuderi (known for his job in two Italian metal masterpieces like Above The Light of Sadist and Sounds Of Coming Darkness of Schizo), with the supervision of Alberto Penzin (ex leader of Schizo/Hit & Run Prod. and today in Camera Obscura Two [CO2].
Something is Really Hard came mixed and mastered at Fear Studio in Alfonzine (Ra) by Gabriele Ravaglia.

Something Is Really Hard obtain very good responses by several fanzines and metal magazines, and the band have the opportunity to play at the greatest festivals of Sud Italy.  So in December 1999 Humanity Eclipse take part at The Ultimate Xmas/Pluvia Metalli Day in Giovinazzo (Ba) together with Novembre, Undertakers, Penis Leech, Requiem, Mutala and many more, and in August 2000 at the VI Agglutination Metal Festival in Chiaromonte (Pt) with Vision Divine, Domine, Undertakers, Stormlord and Art Inferno.  After a mini tour with the melodic deathsters Memories Of A Lost Soul and the gig at Brutal Symphony Fest, in November 2001 Humanity Eclipse split-off because of musical and professional divergences.

In Autumn 2014 Riccardo, Giuseppe and Salvatore back to play together as KAOSKVLT and in November 2015, after 14 years from the split, decide to come back with the old and glorious monicker of HUMANITY ECLIPSE with RICCARDO COSTANTINO from death/black metal band Krigere Wolf) on bass guitar.

2017 – After the appearance at the 3rd edition of well-known Purulent DeathFestival in Rozzano (Milan), in April the band enter at Morning View Studio for recording the new album SI VIS TERE, PARA BELLUM.

In November they are contacted by Polish label Goressimo Records and which offers them a deal for the release of Si Vis Tere, Para Bellum.


or write to:


c/o Via Scuola Media nr. 40

95032 Belpasso (CT) – ITALY